Forebears Privacy Policy


Forbears only utilises cookies for users who are logged in. The cookie stores the user's: unique identifer, username and the IP address they logged in from on the Forebears server. This information is not available locally or transferred with HTTP requests.

Google Ads is the only third party that may set cookies on your computer from the Forebears website. If you would like to block these cookies, install an ad blocker, such as AdBlock.

HTML Storage

Forebears stores the remote HTTP referer and IP address the website is accessed from in HTML storage. The HTTP referer is used for tracking Google Ads campaigns and the IP is used to display different content on the website or to direct users to a country specific third party based on their perceived country of residence.

User Information

Forebears stores the username, email and password of registered users and email of email subscribers on its server. The password is stored encrypted using a custom encryption method and never as plain text.

Subscribers' emails are hosted locally (as opposed to a third party like MailChimp).

Forebears does not send unsolicited emails or distribute email addresses to third parties.

Server Logs

Every file accessed from Forebears is recorded in standard server log files with the remote IP and user agent. These files are used for locally hosted analytics (as opposed to a third party like Google) and are regularly parsed to block malicious activity.